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Eye Spy...
The chick behind the camera....
16th-Feb-2007 05:04 pm
Alex Shelley: licking fingers
Okay, since I really won't be posting any REAL updates for about a couple days or at least until Sunday, here's something everyone can do until I return from my hiatus. Complete this lovely friend test and see how well you know me. Don't worry, I won't hate you if you get none right. Some of them are kinda hard...it's all in fun. So have fun. I expect everyone on my FList to do this...or else I'll have Mr. Kennedy and Pyro hunt you down! *Don't ask why Mr. Kennedy and Pyro are hunting you down...* So, here's the test....

Create your own Friend Test here

I'm off to the hockey game!!! GO ICEHOGS!!!! GO #18!!!!

Jayde Belladonna-Shelley
21st-Feb-2007 10:04 pm (UTC) - Hey
Hi, how are you? I decided to un-delete my journal and I was wondering if I may be added back to your friends list? Hope to talk to you soon.
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