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Pyro:looking up fire
By the way, only extremepanda will understand my subject line...Trust me, if you were there you'd know what I'm talking aboot! HA!  Oh well, anyhoo I know that it's been a while since I last updated but these days aren't the greatest for me. You see, I hate and I mean HATE V-day...not because I'm sadly single but it's because my daddy died on V-day in 1993...yes he died on Valentines Day. Oh happy day, huh? That and V-Day is my granny birthday but she's dead too. Yeah, so I really haven't been up to updating lately. Mainly, I've just been keeping to myself trying not to think about it. I'm okay now, though.

Anyways...enough of the morbid...let's get to something fun!!  TNA and RAW come on tonight and the question is...which do I watch? Hmmm... Alex Shelley, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and Christian Cage or John Cena, Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy???? Damn, that's a toughie. I think I'll just tape RAW and watch iMPACT! or maybe I'll tape iMPACT! and watch RAW...damn it I have no idea which I'm gonna do!! HELP!!! *runs around screaming*

The Icehogs lost last night to the Quad City Mallards. Fuck you, Mo! It was a shootout loss, though. The only person that got a goal was Erick Lizon or Siegfried... (Pandy, you'll get that! :P) Poor #18 didn't get a goal and for fuck's sake, he got a tripping penalty! He probably didn't even do it....then again, he probably did and laughed about it! (Wipe my ASS!!!) I get to go the game tomorrow!!! *does little happy dance* Can't wait to see #18!!! He'd better get a goal damnit! But as always I wish nothing but happy winning positive vibes to the 'Hogs!! 

My Alex Shelley fic is coming along pretty good. So far, Alex is about to reveal his first Paparazzi Productions video in which he interviews Jayde (ME) about the upcoming X-Division match between himself and my boyfriend, Chris Sabin. After the interview. Basically, I think it's all innocent fun yet little do I know Alex's true intentions! *gasp* Will I give into him or will I stay true to Sabin?? Or will I just say fuck it and have my way with the both of them??? *hmmmm...* You'll just have to stay tuned to find out! *evil laugh*

I watched the Traveler pilot on youtube yesterday! Aaron is fucking hot!!! Can't wait for it to debut!!!! *runs off to watch X3 for the 78th time...I think.*

Okay, I think that's all that I wanted to say. Oh yeah, I'm thinking about looking for a new job. My current one is pissing me off highly. Maybe I should just stick with it until I enroll in college. I dunno I'll think of something. Okay, that's all that I have to say. I'll write more later...probably Saturday afternoon or night since I'll be at the Hockey game Friday night. C ya!

Jayde Belladonna, CEO of Paparazzi Productions and founder of BellaShelley Inc. ;)
13th-Feb-2007 03:06 pm - Finally....
Alex Shelley: Capture
After spending about an hour on youtube, I have found a whole lot of Alex Shelley stuff for my info page. I really needed to do a search of Shelley stuff because my @LX fic is coming along pretty slowly. But now, with this new found inspiration I think I can write it better now! Not that I'm not enjoying writing my current fic but hey, I want to see if I can write this @LX fic and I think that I can do it.

TNA was wonderful last night...of course it's always wonderful to see Mr. Shelley and friends.

I'm planning on posting a small snippet of my @LX fic just to see what you all think of it...it might be up here in a week or so. Be forwarned, my fics are more like novels. They have storylines, they have plots and of course, they have SMUT!!! My fics are mainly NC-17 based...rarely I'll write an R fic but 98% of the time, it's the good stuff!! :) But yeah, maybe in a week, I'll post the fic...be gentle but I like creative criticism.

Okay, I'm gonna go check stuff out on ebay and then I'm gonna make some Hamburger Helper (oh yeah, I'm a gourmet!) and then I'm gonna write my heart out!

Jayde Shelley
*runs off to write her Alex Shelley/Jayde Belladonna/Chris Sabin fic....*
12th-Feb-2007 09:46 pm(no subject)
Alex Shelley: licking camera
My Valentinr - bella_pyro

Last Chance to show me some LOVE!! C'mon show me some love :)

Okay, enough of that shameless plug! So apparently I have tomorrow off and now the dreaded V-day. It really doesn't matter because it isn't like I have a special someone to celebrate with...just me myself and I. (Alex Shelley's coming over later on tonight...and he's bringing the camera!) Anyways, so yeah, I get to write all day tomorrow!! JOY!

Christian Cage retained the Title!!! As if we were scared that he would lose it! C'mon, it's Captain Charisma!!!

This is TNA is on right now...not too much Alex Shelley..but I did get to see a little bit of him! And any bit of Alex Shelley is a GREAT bit! :)

Sorry I don't have too much to say right now...I'm pretty tired from work so yeah, I'm gonna end it here and hopefully I'll have something more intelligent to write tomorrow.

Jayde Shelley
11th-Feb-2007 08:55 pm - It's been a while...
Alex Shelley: licking fingers
Yeah yeah yeah...I know! I haven't posted in a while! I'm sorry, I haven't had the free time! But as you can see, I do now so here I am to update on all that had happened in my kooky world....and yes I said kooky.

Let's see, The Icehogs kicked Muskegon's ass yet again!! And I was there to see it all!! Finally! The score was 5-1! Four goals in the third alone! Sadly, no action from #18 except for a tripping penalty but hey, just seeing him was enough for me! I think I almost lost my voice yelling for him when he was announced! :) On a sad note, four of our guys are up in Milwaukee now! Corbeil, Jesse Bennefield and now Preston Mizzi and Mr. Robin Big Snake!!! Damn it, our top two scorers are gone now! And we might not get Corbeil back because he's doing so good. Son on a bitch! Oh well, I got to see #18 and that's all that matters!

I have a feeling that if I don't get my damn income tax money soon, I might not be able to get my #18 jersey...I'm so damn sad about that! I really want a #18 jersey and the fact that I might not be able to get one is really sad. *wipes tears from eyes*

I'm impatiently waiting for Chris Brown to show up on the Grammys...

Mr. Kennedy lost him match...as if we were surprised.
No Alex Shelley on TNA....(He was tied up on my bed and I wouldn't let him go! *hides can of Redi-Whip*)
From what I've read on tnawrestlingnews.com some of the people I wanted to win have won...and that's all that I'm going to say on that one.

I reread my Pyro novel and I watched X3 this morning before work...I wrote about three pages on a napkin in the breakroom! :)

My Alex Shelley fic is coming along...slowly...very slowly! I need to have some inspiration to write this! *races to play her tape of TNA with Alex Shelley*

Well, I think that's all that I'm going to say for today. I'm going to read some more of my friends' journals and then I'm gonna eat something and go to bed...the joys of having to go to work at 9:00 in the damn morning!
8th-Feb-2007 04:21 pm - Um...okay...
Alex Shelley: licking fingers
For starters, as mostly everyone already knows, Anna Nicole Smith is dead. What the Fuck? That just happened right out of the blue! My heart goes out to her little daughter...who is she gonna go to now? I mean her brother is dead, her mother is dead and she has no idea who her father is. Man, did that kid get dealt a shitty hand!  Sorry, that is kind of cold of me to say that but it's true. I do wish Miss Anna Nicole peace in her afterlife...at least now she can be with her son.

Okay...enough with the morbid talk....can we get to something more fun???

The IceHogs whooped the Bloomington PrarieThunder's ass last night with a score of 6-1! And Mr. Preston Mizzi had a hat trick!! Go Preston! Even #18 had some action with a goal! I still haven't seen a goal from him yet! Pandoy swears that whenever I'm at the games, #18 chokes....funny, huh? To bad it isn't true. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll see him score Saturday. But yeah, good work boys!!!

TNA is tonight...do da... do da! For me, it's Alex Shelley Night oh da do da day!!! Sorry, I had a moment.

So, apparently, my idea for my fic isn't so bad...well at least luckystar37 thinks it's okay. I think I'll start writng some tonight while I drool over Mr. Shelley. Who knows, I might post it on here or start a fic journal if it gets enough positive response...who knows???

I have two days off...I so happy!!! *does little happy dance*

Well, I'm off to get food and read some of my friends' journals... I might pop back on here later. C ya!

Jayde Belladonna-Shelley
7th-Feb-2007 07:22 pm - Blah Blah Blah
Alex Shelley: Capture
Yeah, I know, a crappy subject line...oh well! Work was very boring; I'm getting so sick of these new people that we have as cashiers, they just don't follow the damn rules! I mean, when you go to break and or lunch, you are supposed to tell the Service Desk person that you're leaving so they can call for backup...what does this one certain person that I'll name R. just in case they have a journal here and they figure out who I am, she just walks away from her register and starts looking at crap! Meanwhile I have a whole swarm of customers coming up to me to check out and then I have people coming in that what to return things!!! ARGH!!! Why won't they listen??? Then, R. likes to act like she knows every damn thing! She tells me why don't you call so and so to help you...or don't forget to call so and so...like she's my goddamn boss or something!!! Hello, I've been there longer than you and I know a whole hell of a lot more than you so don't tell me what to do! And what happens when I tell the managers?? They don't care, they could care less. Why are people so damn stupid? I hate people...why the hell do I work in Customer Service?? I need to work with dead people, they don't talk back.

Oh slightly less depressing news, I wrote a little bit more of my epic story. It's quite funny. And I'm starting to write out a plan of my Alex Shelley fic. I'm thinking about making myself as a TNA Knockout...only I can wrestle...really good...so good the fans dub me the Female X-Division Champion! :) I can't think of a wrestling name yet but somehow, I'm gonna end up being Alex's manager...I'm thinking about me being with Chris Sabin for a while but hating it; Alex is #1 contender for the X-Division title (As it should be) and I'm growing less and less interested with Sabin and growing more and more fond of Alex. I'm thinking that he could do some Paparazzi vids of me and him getting closer which of course builds the feud with him and Sabin...I dunno; I thought of all this at lunch. Tell me what you think? It's stupid, huh? yeah, I thought so! *runs and tosses notes away*

I'm looking forward to the Icehogs game on Saturday and of course to seeing #18 who I haven't seen since the 21st debaucle! So yeah, I'm all pumped for that!

Well, I think I'm gonna head on upstairs and work on my two fics...I'm might check out some other stuff but seriously, let me know what you guys think about my Alex fic storyline! Please?

Jayde Shelley
6th-Feb-2007 12:23 pm - You Think You Know Me...
Alex Shelley: Capture
You are lost....and scared...

Sorry, I had an E & C moment...I've been watching some old WWFE tapes and I just finished watching Edge & Christian vs. Roaddogg and Xpac...yeah, I know really OLD!! But hey, I have nothing else to do today! I very bored and I'm trying to think of something to do. For some reason, I'm stuck on my newest story...perhaps I'll get some inspiration Saturday night when I go to the game. I'd go Friday but Pandy doesn't think she can make it...damn. I'm trying to come up with some ideas for my Alex Shelley fic. So far, I know that my character is going to be named Jayde... (wow, big surprise, huh?) but I don't know what the base story is going to be...see when I write I just have to have a base, some kind of underlying thing that's going on...I just don't and can't write just smut! Although, there will be smut..and lots of it! Oh well, I'll figure something out, I always do.

Raw for me last night was kind of BLAH!!!! I'm glad that Mickie James won and that Jeffy won but besides that, I really didn't care for it. Just give me TNA...I just can't handle the boredom that WWE keeps feeding me week after week....somebody help me!

I know that my B-day is three months away but I already know what I want from my LJ friends....don't worry it won't cost you nothing! I would like some kind of Alex Shelley header! That's it! I've decided that I don't need the layout right now. So yeah, for my creative friends oot there, here is your challenge! If you need pics or anything, I'm working on that...size doesn't matter (the header I mean! :P) font style and colors aren't an issue either... You have until June 2nd! Will you accept the challenge???

To all my Aaron Stanford/Pyro fans, you'll be happy to know that I have wrote a few more pages of my massive Pyro novel! I'm so proud of myself!

Well, I guess that's all that I have for today...I might write more later if I feel like I need to. Until then, I've off to try and get inspired to write this Alex Shelley fic! C ya!

Jayde Belladonna-Shelley :P

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Isn't he just the sexiest????? *sigh*
4th-Feb-2007 11:20 pm - Damn.
Alex Shelley: Capture
Okay, I'll make this really short and simple.... here's the thing...I'm sick and tired of my layout...it's fugly and it sucks...I really would like to have an Alex Shelley layout...there's only two problems...



Can anyone help me before I rip my hair out by the roots??

Jayde Shelley... :P
4th-Feb-2007 08:52 pm - Oh yeah...I get to gloat!!!
Christian Cage: Is that a whine??
Woo-hoo!! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!!! Why? From what I'm hearing Da Bears lost the Super Bowl!!! *dies laughing* Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the Bears, they just aren't my favorite team; the reason I'm laughing is that 98% of my co-workers are Bears fans and I get the sheer joy of rubbing the Bears' loss in their faces! It's only fair, for they rubbed the Patriots' loss in my face! Ha!!! The bad thing is is that the fucking Indianapolis Colts are the Super Bowl winners...I HATE the damn Colts! Fuckers. And don't even get me started on Peyton Manning...what a dick! And Adam Vinateiri, that little traitor, he does NOT deserve that Super Bowl ring... But yeah, The Colts won...la-di fucking-da!

I've been on a PCS youtube hunt as you can see on my user page...I think I've got all the PCS tournaments...and of course lots of yummy Alex Shelley!! I'm kind of getting inspired to do an Alex Shelley fic...hmmmmm..... *runs to grab paper, a pen and a glass of ice water*

EDIT: Yeah, it's official, the fucking Colts won...

I also found a tribute video for Owen Hart, Mr. Perfect and The British Bulldog as well which I posted because anyone who knows me knows how badly I miss these three men, especially Owen...that one just broke my heart. But yeah, it's up there..I'm starting to run out of room!

I bought lady_lyca her V-day and her belated birthday cards...I'm mailing them tomorrow... :) I also bought extremepanda her birthday card... I'm just in a buying mood...I'd better enjoy it while it lasts cuz my next check is gonna suck!

I'm not as sick as I was a few days ago, right now I'm just really stuffed up. As soon as I clear that up, then I'll be perfect! As long as I'm better by Friday, that's all that matters!

Well, I'm off to prepare tp gloat tomorrow and I just might start my Alex Shelley fic...of course I have no idea of how to start it, any suggestions, domluver? If so, let me know! :) I'll probably write more Monday night since surprisngly I'm off Tuesday, so yeah, see ya then!

EDIT The Super Bowl score was 29-16...damn.

Jayde Belladonna CEO of Paparazzi Productions....
3rd-Feb-2007 09:27 pm(no subject)
Sexy Sabin!!!!!!!!!! :)
Hello there it is I, Jayde Belladonna, CEO of Paparazzi Productions and the co-leader of the Brotherhood. This is gonnabe a pretty short entry since I have to work tomorrow...not like it's gonna be busy or anything..I mean tomorrow is Super Bowl XLI and everybody where I live is gonna be huddled around the TV hoping that the Bears can beat the Colts...being I shouldn't have to do any returns or make any layaways tomorrow! *crosses fingers* Granted, I have to work another five days straight again until I get another day off but on the bright side, my two days off are Friday and Saturday and if Pandy can wing it, I'll be going to the hockey games those two days!! :)

Speaking of hockey, The Icehogs kicked major ass tonight! They beat Muskegon 10-4! Now, Muskegon is the top ranked team in the UHL and we beat them badly!! I so proud! #19 had two goals and an assist and #18 had two assists so all in all an incredible showing by the boys! Congrats and kudos!

I'm still tossing the idea of going back to college in my head, I honestly don't see where I'd have the time or money to do it! Oh well, if I'm meant to be an RN then damn it I'll be an RN!

I know that some of my LJ friends that are die-hard Aaron Stanford/Pyro girls are wondering why I'm on such a huge wrestling kick, well, the thing is is that I've been a wrestling fan for about 15 years. I've never really had anyone to discuss wrestling with and now I've found some hardcore WWE & TNA fans and I'm so happy but don't you guys worry, I still love Aaron Stanford/Pyro. I think I just need to see Traveler in March and I'll be back on Aaron in no time...back on Aaron...wait did I just say that?? ;P

Well, I'm off to go upstairs and go to sleep so I can be bored stiff for five hours tomorrow. I just hope that on Monday I won't have to hear everyone at work screaming 'The Bears won!!! The Bears won!!' Damn, if that happens, I'll kill myself! I'm the hard-core Pats fan among a sea of Bears fans! Help me.

That's all I have for today, I'll write more laterz. Peace oot!

Jayde Belladonna: CEO of Paparazzi Productions and @LX's love slave...so seriously I'll be his love slave!
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