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15th-Feb-2007 09:28 pm
Randy Orton: raising his shirt
I just finished watching RAW and iMPACT! And frankly, iMPACT won hands down! Granted, seeing Mr. Kennedy on RAW just made my day and of course seeing Cena and Randy is always good it's just...I can't get into RAW the way that I used to be able to. I'm so into iMPACT right now. And besides, I lost all respect and desire to watch RAW when Umaga had the gall to Samoan Spike Rowdy Roddy Piper!!! For fuck's sake, the man is battling cancer!!! Sickening, just plain sickening. TNA was 10 times better...not counting not seeing Alex Shelley again! *I'm telling ya, he just doesn't want to leave my bed...he's still handcuffed to it!* The Kevin Nash Paparazzi Idol segment was gold...pure gold. Bob Backlund = RATINGS! And Christian Cage's little segment was hilarious (Any questions? Comments? Concerns?). Poor Eric Young...I just want to give him a hug! :) But yeah I give TNA a 10/10 and RAW gets a 4.5/10 (one point to John Cena, one point to Randy Orton, one point to Mr. Kennedy, one point to Batista and .5 points to Mickie James. Boo WWE...BOO!

And honestly, who the hell really wants to see Donald Trump or Vince McMahon get thier heads shaved?? That is soo 1998! :)

Well, that's all that I wanted to say. I'm off to write more of my @LX story. Cya!

Jayde Belladonna CEO of Paparazzi Productions, Founder of BellaShelley Inc and Founder of the #18 fan Club! :)
16th-Feb-2007 04:01 am (UTC)
I haven't watched wrestling since...Jeff Hardy left. Actually, it was a little before that, when they Hardy Boyz split. I know Jeff's back now, but...it doesn't hold the same appeal. I have to say, I'm loving your reports, though! :D It reminds me that I still love Jeff, even if I can't stomach how bad the WWE has gotten.
16th-Feb-2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
You've got to let Alex go, I need him back on my TV!! :D
16th-Feb-2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
RAW is so boring, and I haven't watched Impact yet but I'm sure it rocked.
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